The African Shop

The African Shop


Afrikrea is your platform to discover, buy and sell Made Of Africa fashion, art and crafts from all over the world.

It is primarily an e-commerce site, which federates creators, African or not, from all over the world and allows them to open a free online store to sell their creations. The platform makes it possible to find in one place the greatest variety and the widest choice of fashion, art and craft inspired by Africa. All amateurs or neophytes, wherever they are in the world can therefore simply buy these unique works.

By playing the role of trusted third party, Afrikrea facilitates transactions and exchanges directly between buyers and sellers on both sides of the world, in a friendly and safe.

But Afrikrea is also an open community that allows each member to benefit from the benefits by pooling their needs:

  • sellers can benefit from discounts on their exhibition or shipping costs by taking up common spaces or contracts
  • buyers can benefit from original discoveries and at a good price, by subscribing to the Box Afrikrea for example

We therefore have the intimate conviction that a better world for everyone will only be possible by exchanging and converging individual interests for common gain, without borders!