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The beginning The brand KudaRachel was birthed in March 2015 during my preparation for my year 12 ball aka senior prom. I really wanted to wear a corsage even though I did not have a date. Unfortunately a simple corsage costed about $50; money which I didn’t have to spend on a flower so I decided to use my crafty hands and make one for myself! After a few tries I made my first corsage and showed my mother who then suggested I sell them! I did just that and sold 12 corsages and boutonnieres! I was quite astonished and humbled that people were willing to pay money for things that I made, I loved the feeling! I felt that I wanted to do more with the brand and use my hands to create more beautiful things! That is when my love for African prints was enhanced and I learnt to use the printed fabrics to create beautiful jewellery. Launch of www.kudarachel.com Though it was challenging, kudarachel.com was finally launched on 16 May 2016! I had to wait for my 18th birthday before I could launch because my ecommerce platform requires merchants to be 18 to use their payment gateway! There were many hurdles that were climbed before it launched but it’s here now! I started KR at the tender age of 17 years old it was hard to be taken seriously but I knew that I wanted it to be something greater than myself. I also wanted people to change their perception of young people from seeing us as ‘trouble makers’ to recognizing us as ‘change makers.’ Through my own experiences from looking for jobs as a student and watching my parents seek employment as foreigners here in Australia; I have heard the phrase “We are looking for someone with experience” way too many times. It is quite frustrating because how is it possible to gain it if you are not given the opportunity to do so? For this reason, I decided to use my brand to help upcoming talents gain some experience and add something to their portfolios, which hopefully will make job seeking a lot easier. My family is full of positive people who love to laugh and sing negative things off which has helped us go through trying times. I stay motivated and inspired by keeping a motivational photo album on my phone that is full of screenshots of quotes that are positive and uplifting. I thought that a wall of positivity is a fun and colourful way to send positive vibes your way! I also write blog posts which reflect my thoughts and some of the lessons I have learnt and am learning through this KR journey! This is just me expressing myself! I hope you enjoy your visit at KudaRachel! Stay beautiful and true to you! ~Kuda Founder of KudaRachel



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