PICNIC THEME: Black Women deserve to be living luxurious and care-free lives. This event hopes to ignite the fire in us to continue fighting for the rights and liberartion of others but use that same power to fight and protect our own wellbeing. Unpacking unhealthy narratives of what black womanhood looks like and to whom. This picnic prompts to ignite necessary conversations on unhealthy ideologies society, family and friends have placed on us and our womanhood. A space for black/African women to share their experience when it comes to occupying spaces that were created for us. Why $50? As the theme suggests we are all about luxury, and luxury has a price. The cost covers your food, drinks, a booklet of tips for caring for your mental health, and gifts. This event aims to encourage black and african women to create and find measures in protecting our magic and everything glorious about us. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated with some ecviting announcements.